Disclaimer: Despite Group/Despite Media does not have any partnerships with Zenomedia/ZenoRadio

We have received notices from our 3rd party users that, Nikols Latuff, of Zeno Radio, LLC has been fraudulently submiting DMCA notices to our 3rd party users, that our online radio streams are subject to worldwide, exclusive broadcast license held by Zeno Radio LLC pursuant to a contract between Zeno Radio and Despite Media.






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Zeno Media Fraud Disclaimer





We wish to state EMPHATICALLY that ZenoRadio/Zenomedia and its Partners DO NOT have any rights to use Despite Group’s content online and have NO partnerships with Despite Group.


Despite Group/Despite Media is informing the general public and other third party streaming platforms that, it is the SOLE worldwide copyright owners of Peace FM, Okay FM, Hello FM, Neat FM, UTV and Peace FM Online content.


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Despite Media also asks all 3rd party websites and mobile apps hosting our content to stop communicating with ZenoRadio/Zenomedia regarding our content and contact us on info@peacefmonline.com

Third party streaming platforms are therefore advised to use the following streaming URLS:


Peace FM 104.3

Peace FM is an Akan radio station located in Accra targeting middle to upper income listeners and having the biggest political talk programmes in Ghana and beyond the country's borders. It is your go-to for factual, relevant and up-to-the-minute news reports, general information and enlightening interviews.


Radio URL: http://www.peacefmonline.com/services/streaming/
Streaming URL: http://peacefm.atunwadigital.streamguys1.com/peacefm


Okay FM is a member of the Despite media stable noted for its authentic entertainment programming and relevant interviews-cum-news value. The station has a knack of playing contemporary local songs interlaced with a bit of foreign musical genres to spark up youthful exuberance.


Radio URL: http://www.peacefmonline.com/services/streaming/okay/
Streaming URL: http://okayfm.atunwadigital.streamguys1.com/okayfm


Hello FM, is arguably the biggest local radio station based in the Garden city, Kumasi, broadcasting quality news as well as having quality talk programming with a strong music and entertainment input.


Radio URL: http://www.peacefmonline.com/services/streaming/hello/
Streaming URL: http://hellofm.atunwadigital.streamguys1.com/hellofm


Neat FM is your news, politics and entertainment radio station in Accra, providing you with latest peculiar but true religious news content.


Radio URL: http://www.peacefmonline.com/services/streaming/neat/
Streaming URL: http://neatfm.atunwadigital.streamguys1.com/neatfm


Please note that - any future changes should come directly from any of our official email addresses:
•    info@peacefmonline.com
•    streaming@peacefmonline.com

You can also verify urls on our streaming page.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation to stop the piracy and infringement of Despite Media content.



Despite Media




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